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Research Guides

Library Surveys of Students and Faculty: Ithaka 2012

This guide contains reports and data from student and faculty surveys the library has administered.

Survey results

In Fall 2012, the Library surveyed faculty across all 7 institutions of the Claremont Colleges as part of National Ithaka survey in order to assess the attitudes and practices of faculty members at US 4-year colleges and universities as they relate to evolving research and teaching needs in the digital environment.

The overall response rate was 36%: 285 of 797 faculty on our list, which varied by campus from 28% to 73%.

This guide contains a select set of responses we thought faculty might find interesting. 


Legend: SP = Strongly Positive  M/I = Moderate/Indifferent SN = Strongly Negative         

Importance to your research… (top 5)                                                      SP     M/I     SN

Point of view on Print v Electronic Journals                                            SP     M/I     SN

Uses of a scholarly monograph in print v electronic (book written by a single author) 

Publications: How valuable do you / would you find support in:          SP     M/I    SN

Expectations of undergraduates                                                                SP     M/I    SN

Role of the Library….                                                                                  SP     M/I    SN

Comment themes & Responses:

Too long - We'll attempt to make future surveys no more than 15 minutes in length (apart from free text responses), and have planned to do two half surveys (giving faculty the option of completing both halves) to accomodate this while allowing us to address questions across the board and limit ourselves to one library faculty survey per year

Demographic questions made responses personally identifiable - Design future surveys to request college affilliation OR subject affiliation (but not both) - the collection half survey would request discipline, the Ed services half survey would request college

Terms not defined - define with mouse-over wherever possible 

Clarity and Accuracy - Involve outside survey experts for review

Too many reminders - Use survey hosting features to ensure that library-based reminders only go to faculty that have not yet completed the survey

Specific Recommendations or Requests - Enable respondents who choose to do so to enter their contact information so that library staff can follow up