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Research Guides

Library Surveys of Students and Faculty: Student 2012

This guide contains reports and data from student and faculty surveys the library has administered.

Student Library & Technology Engagement Survey (2012)

The CCL Student Library & Technology Survey was created, adapted and revised over the summer and early fall of 2012 and administered between October 10 and November 10, 2012 using the web-based survey management platform, Qualtrics. The anonymous survey consisted of 22 content questions and 6 demographic questions.

About 15% of the total student population of the 7 Claremont Colleges completed the survey, or n=1,038 (combined 7Cs enrollment in 2012-13 was approximately n=7,000). A total of n=1,327 students began the survey, which translates to a 78% rate of completion. The largest portion of survey respondents were CGU students at n=276 (26%); participation by other campuses was as follows: CMC at n=231 (22%); Harvey Mudd at n=152 (15%); Pitzer at n=131 (13%); Pomona at n=117 (11%); Scripps at 89 (9%); and KGI at 42 (4%).

The survey sought to address the following research questions:

  1. What are the library profiles (library use, skill, and awareness) of Claremont Colleges (7Cs) students?
  2. What are the technology profiles (technology ownership, use, skill, adoption status, emerging technology receptivity) of 7Cs students?
  3. How can student receptiveness to/ awareness of emerging technology Library services be characterized? How willing are students to integrate social/mobile library tools into their personal learning environments?
  4. What are student perceptions of and expectations for e-books?
  5. How do students characterize their information literacy skills, and how well do students perceive they are being supported in their IL skills development?

See PDF files (below) for full analysis of the data.