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Library Surveys of Students and Faculty: Student 2007

This guide contains reports and data from student and faculty surveys the library has administered.

5C Students Library Services Survey (2007)

Library Services Survey Recap and Plan of Action

Submitted November 12, 2007

About the survey

The Library Services survey was sent by the Associated Students of Pomona College to all of the Claremont Colleges plus the Claremont School of Theology.
There were 943 respondents, with the majority of the responses coming from Pomona, Scripps, Claremont McKenna and Claremont Graduate University (respectively from highest participation). There was a wide representation of class year in the respondents with 176 first years, 228 sophomores, 174 juniors, 221 seniors, 124 graduate students and 11 who didn’t answer or marked other.

Recommendations and Actions Taken

Longer hours, specifically
  1. M-Th 7am- 2am
  2. F/Sat 8am - 1am
  3. Sun: 9am - 2am
  4. Week before finals: stay open an hour later
  5. Finals period: Open 24 hours
We trialed longer hours* and reached the following compromise between cost and convenience:
  1. M-Th 8am- 1am
  2. F 8am - 10pm
  3. Sat: 9am - 10pm
  4. Sun: 11am - 1am
  5. Finals week: Open 24 hours
* A trial period with extended hours did not yield sufficient building use to justify the expense.
Add group study spaces and soft seating. Increase individual seating.
  • A new group study space has been created on the third floor of Honnold.
  • During the Finals/exam periods surge spaces are opened.
  • Seating has been increased 10% overall.
  • Soft seating has been added
  • More table size choices are available.
Allow food and drink, and make them available for purchase.
  • Food and drink are now allowed.
  • A cafe was added on the first floor of Honnold.
Increase the number of electrical outlets 120 electrical outlets have been added in the main patron areas
Enable the use of campus print quotas The diverse campus networks make this request impossible for the Library to accomplish. As an alternative the Library plans to reduce and possibly eliminate printing charges.
That it be made possible to sign on to the computers as members of our specific college using our log in. The diverse campus networks make this request impossible for the Library to accomplish. With the assistance of CMC we have achieved basic network authentication and are actively working to enhance patron connections to their home campuses
That more popular press is provided (both books and periodicals) Popular press items are now featured prominently in the cafe. The library also maintains a collection of popular press books known as the Braxton Collection on the second floor.
Decrease the noise level The fourth floor of Honnold is designated as a quiet floor.
Address the lighting levels Lighting levels have been measured by Southern California Edison and are regularly monitored.
Add lockers 15 lockers are available for checkout.