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Button Maker: 1" Button Maker

Button Maker Guide

The Claremont Colleges Library owns two button presses for making 1" or 2.25" pins and/or magnets. This guide demonstrates how to use the button makers.


Using the 1" Button Maker

1. To create a button, you will first need to cut the desired image into a circular shape using the circle cutter.

2. Images need to be cut into strips (approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches), so that they fit into the cutter.

3. Insert the strip into the cutter by sliding it in between the two metal plates as shown.

4. Push down on the handle slightly - only until you hear/feel it click - to cut the image into circles.

5. To remove the newly cut circle, reach under the cutter and you should feel a lifter. Push up on the lifter to free the cut image.

6. To assemble your button, you will need the following components:

7. To begin assembling the button, place the button shell into the pickup die (labeled 1) with the sharp side down.

8. Place the image on top of the button shell. Make sure the image faces up.

9. Place the transparent cover on top of the image.

10. Place the collet (ring shaped) wide side up into the crimp die (side labeled 2).

11. Rotate the lower part of the press clockwise, so that the pickup die (the part containing the image) is under the press.

12. Push the handle down as far as it will go and then bring it back to its regular upright position.

13. Now, rotate the lower part of the press counterclockwise until the crimp die (the side with the button back) is located under the press.

14. Once again, push the handle down as far as it will go and then bring it back to its regular upright position.

15. To create a button with a pin back, take the snap pin and insert it so that its outer edges are underneath the lip of the collet. Please be careful not to stab yourself.


16. To create a magnetic button, peel the adhesive backing off the magnet and apply the sticky side to the back of the button.


Making Buttons