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Research Guides

PIT CLAS 164 - Pompeii and the Cities of Vesuvius - Prof Lieberman - FA 2017

Finding Secondary Scholarship by Using Brill's New Pauly

Entries in Brill's New Pauly will contain references to important works of scholarship on that topic in the bibliography that follows each entry.

Finding Secondary Scholarship Using Databases

useful keywords and subject searches

Subject Searches
These links will take you to lists of subjects/books on these are related sub-topics in library search (library catalog):

Keyword Searches - try adding some of the terms below to your keyword searches

  • Pompei* (for pompeii or pompeian)
  • social life and customs
  • material culture
  • antiquities
  • rome/roman (remember rome the city vs. rome/roman empire )

if you use subject "pompeii (extinct city)" you find works where pompeii is a major subject of the book

if you use kwd pompeii, you can find things that may be about roman society in general or about more than one city, but that have a chapter/section on pompeii