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POM CHEM 110 (SP 2016)

Find Books Using the Library's Search


To find books on your topic try a Keyword search.

If you know the exact title of the book do a Title search; if you are looking for books by a specific person, do an Author search (type the last name first).

Use WorldCat to find books not available at the Libraries and request to have them sent to Honnold/Mudd Library for borrowing (FREE).

Once you've found a book in the Library's Search, you'll need to know 3 things to find the book on the shelf:

Location: Tells you which library has the book. 

Call Number: The unique number assigned to each book. You will need the complete call number to find the book on the shelf. 

Status: Indicates if the book is checked out or if it is available for you to use now. 


If the item isn't available, click on the title of the book and then select at the very bottom: 


Still stuck? Ask at the Services Desk.



Finding Chemistry Books

Chemistry books can be found on the first floor in the compact shelving next to the cafe.

Books are a core resource for understanding the foundation of chemistry topics, and you'll want to use the Library's Search, as well as browsing the shelves of the chemistry collection to find books for your research. 

Browsing the collection is a great way to find valuable books that slip through a typical library catalog search.  In academic libraries in the US, books are grouped by subject and the call numbers correspond to those subjects.  You'll want the Library of Congress subject breakdown for chemistry before you begin to browse for books in your area of interest.

LC Subclassifications for QD -

QD1-999               Chemistry
QD1-65                 General, including alchemy
QD71-142             Analytical chemistry
QD146-197           Inorganic chemistry
QD241-441           Organic chemistry
QD415-436           Biochemistry
QD450-801           Physical and theoretical chemistry
QD625-655           Radiation chemistry
QD701-731           Photochemistry
QD901-999           Crystallography

See the Library of Congress Classification Outline for more information