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POM CHEM 110 (SP 2016)

Finding Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles

When you want to find articles about topics in your area of interest, use the indexing databases (essentially, a huge, searchable bibliography of citations) for that subject.  Subjects have indexing tools specific to the subject, but don't forget to try out indexes that search across disciplines in order to maximize your ability to find materials.  Lots of things we'll own online, but for the things we do not own online, make sure to place a request for that item through Resource Sharing

You can also easily browse for journal articles online through our electronic journals portal, located here.  Search for individual titles in the search box, or browse the journals by category using the drop down menu below the search box. 

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Once you have found articles you want to read, the button provides a way to access any available online full-text copies of the material. If the library has the full text of the article, it will take you directly to that article or a page where you can open the full text as either html or pdf. 


If the article does not have a button, you can request a question through Resource Sharing, via the  button at the bottom. Within a few days, you will received an email from the library with a link to a downloadable copy of the article you requested. Be sure to download the article as soon as you receive the email; copyright law does not allow the link to remain active for more than a few days. 


More Chemistry Databases

SciFinder Scholar and Web of Science

Before using SciFinder, you will need to register for a separate account. You can register here  here, and access the database here