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Software Issues, How-Tos, & FAQs: Adjusting Default Paragraph Settings in Microsoft Word

A Guide to help patrons and staff to resolve common problems encountered on the computers in the Search Center.

Adjusting Default Paragraph Settings

1. To adjust paragraph settings in Microsoft Word, you need to open the Paragraph dialog box.  To do this, click on the little "box and arrow" icon in the Paragraph section of the Word Menu bar.

2. Once the icon is clicked, the Paragraph dialog box will open.  In this window you can adjust various settings concerning the paragraphs in the document.  You can adjust the paragraph's alignment, appearance, as well as, its spacing.  A preview screen on the bottom of the window shows how the paragraph will look based upon current settings.

3. To fix the issue with Word inserting additionally spacing after each paragraph, locate the area in the Paragraph Dialog box that controls spacing after paragraphs (circled below).  Use the arrows to adjust the settings until it reads "0 pt."

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