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Software Issues, How-Tos, & FAQs: Why is the Keyboard Acting Strange?

A Guide to help patrons and staff to resolve common problems encountered on the computers in the Search Center.

Why is the Keyboard Acting Strange?

Occassionally a patron will come to the Services Desk and complain that the computer keyboard is behaving strangely.  Either the character that appears on the screen is from a non-English language or does not correspond to the key that was pressed.

There are a couple possible reasons that could cause this possible situation.  Fortunately, they are relatively quick and easy to fix. 

The most common reason is that the previous user of the computer switched the keyboard to foriegn language keyboard and did not switch it back to English.  The second reason is that the previous user switched to keyboard layout to a non-standard (non-QWERTY) layout and did not switch it back.

This page will show you how to switch the keyboard back to the standard configuration should either of these situations occur.

Switching between different Language Keyboards

1. To switch between languages on the computer, you will need to look for the language selection icon on the taskbar.  This will appear as two letters that indicate the current language.

Note: In the image below this icon is indicated by JP (for Japanese), but could be another two letters depending on the current language.

2. When you click on the language icon (the two letters), a menu will appear.  On this menu, select the English (United States) option.

3. The language icon should now read EN, which indicates the computer has been switched back to English.

Switching between Keyboard Configurations

1.To switch between different keyboard configurations, you to look for the little keyboard icon on the lower right-hand side of the taskbar.

2. When you click on the icon, a menu will appear displaying the various keyboard configurations.  Select English (United States).  You should now be back in the standard QWERTY layout.

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