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Software Issues, How-Tos, & FAQs: Finding Lost Documents

A Guide to help patrons and staff to resolve common problems encountered on the computers in the Search Center.

Finding Lost Documents

Occassionally a patron will approach the Services Desk and say they can not find a document they saved to their flash drive (or some other location).  When this happens the following procedure should help you locate their document for them.

1. To access the search function, first click on the start button on the lower left corner of the screen.  On the right side of the window that appears, you will notice the image of magnifying glass followed by Search.  Select this option.

2. The following Search window will appear.  Several options for what type of file to search for will be listed on the lefthand side of the window.  Select the option that says:  All files and folders

3. Once you select "All files and folders," the following screen appears.  On this screen you can type the name of the file that you are looking for in top input box.  Additionally, there are several options to help limit the extant of the search and help eliminate similar documents. 

In most cases, the missing file is one that was recently saved so the most useful option would be to limit the time frame being searched.  To limit the period of time being searched, select the "When was it Modified?" option.

4. Once "When was it modified?" has been selected, a set of options will appear allowing you to limit the search to a specific time period.  There is also an option to manually enter a date range. 

5. After limiting the time period searched, clik on Search, and the computer will now begin a search for your file. 

6. When the search is complete a list of items that match the search criteria will be displayed in the white area of the search window.  The second column tells you the folder where each item is located.

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