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Software Issues, How-Tos, & FAQs: Computer Scanners

A Guide to help patrons and staff to resolve common problems encountered on the computers in the Search Center.

Computer Scanners

This page is intended to aid people in using the two computers scanners located in the Northwest corner of the Search Center.

Note: Some of the of the tasks people wish to accomplish with these scanners can be also be done on the Multi-Function Printers (sometimes more efficiently and easily).  See the Guide to Printing in the Library.

Basic Scanning

1.To use the Epson Scanner you have to open the Epson Scan Application.  Find the Epson Scan icon on the desktop and double-click on it to open the application.

2. Once the application is open and after the document you wish to scan has been positioned on the scanner, click on the preview button.

3. Once preview has been selected, the scanner will scan the document and display it on the screen.

4. If you desire, you can limit the area the scanner scans by selecting it with the cursor.

5. When complete press scan. 

6. You will then be presented with a window that enables you to determine where and how the scanned image will be stored.  When done select OK.

7. The computer will now scan your document.  After a screen will appear enabling you to add another image to the file (via the Add page command) or if you are done you can select Save File and create a file of the image you have scanned.  It should be saved to the location you specified in the previous step.

Library Staff

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