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Stuff You Can Check Out @ the Library: Group Study Aids

Group Study Rooms

Please note that the group study rooms are unavailable until November of 2017 due to renovations. We apologize for any inconvenience but hope you will like the new and improved study rooms!

Located on the fourth floor of Mudd, the library has a limited number  of group study rooms available to students, staff, and faculty of the Claremont Colleges.  Each room can be checked out for a period of four hours.

Each study room also features interactive Short Throw projector. To learn more about connecting your computer and mobile devices to the projector, click here.



Media Viewing Room

The library has a room available for small groups to watch videos together. 

The Media Viewing Room is located on the third floor of the Honnold side of the library in room 301.  The room is equiped with a VCR and a non-region specific DVD player.

The Media Viewing Room can be checked out for a period of four hours. 

Just come to the Honnold/Mudd Library's Services Desk and ask for the key.


White Board Markers

White Board Markers

The library has dry-erase markers available to use on the white-boards in the group study rooms and on the portable white boards.  Each set can be checked out for a period of four hours.