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Zotero - Citation Manager for Firefox, Safari, Chrome

A guide to using Zotero to manage your citations and format/output your bibliography.

Export Your Library

Zotero allows you to export the data out of your library. You may want to do this for a number of reasons.  If you're working on a different computer than you normally use, you can export your library and take it with you to another machine. Or you can export your library and import your citation data into another citation manager.  

Within the citation library, select the item(s) you wish to export, then right-click  to open the sub-menu. From here, select "Export Items".

In the pop-up window, click the Format box to select your export file type. This file is what will be imported into another citation manager or computer with Zotero.

  • RIS (Research Information Systems) format can be imported into numerous citation managers, including EndNote, Mendeley, and RefWorks.
  • RefWorks Tagged can also be imported to Refworks, and will include your relevant tagging information. 

Zotero winder of five highlighted citations and the export dialog box selected to export RIS files.

A window will appear asking you where you would like to save the export file. Once selected, click Save File.

To import the exported Zotero file, please follow the steps listed in your new citation manager's guide.

You can also export your entire library by selecting the Zotero gear menu, choosing Export Library, and saving the file to a USB drive or importing it into another citation manager.