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Environmental Analysis: Books

Finding Books

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, Environmental Analysis books will be scattered throughout the library.  Environmental Science books can be found on the 4th floor of the library.  Other earth science books can be found on the first floor of the library in the compact shelving next to the cafe.

Books are a core resource in geology, and you'll want to use the library's catalog, Blais, as well as browsing the shelves of the geology collection to find books for your research. 

Blais is our library catalog, and you can search in Blais by keyword, author, title, subject, &c. Search Blais by visiting here or by searching in the box to the left.

Browsing the collection is a great way to find valuable books that slip through a typical library catalog search.  In academic libraries in the US, books are grouped by subject and the call numbers correspond to those subjects.  You'll want the Library of Congress subject breakdown for math before you begin to browse for books in your area of interest.

LC Classifications of interest for Environmental Studies:


GB3-5030            Physical Geography

   GB400-649          Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain

   GB651-2998         Hydrology. Water

   GB5000-5030       Natural Disasters

GC1-1581            Oceanography

GE1-350             Environmental Science

    GE70-90             Environmental Education

    GE170-190          Environmental Policy

    GE195-199          Environmentalism. Green Movement

    GE300-350          Environmental Management

GF1-900             Human Ecology.  Anthropogeography

    GF51                  Environmental influences on humans

    GF75                  Human influences on the environment


Subject Guide

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