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Getting Started with LibGuides (Library Staff Only): 2a. Link Options

A guide for library staff when creating new libguides

Advantages of Link Boxes Over Links in Text Boxes

Link Boxes:

  • Automatically arrange resources into bulleted lists.
  • Automatically format descriptions of the resources on a separate line or in a pop-up box (depending on the type of link box.)
  • Make it easier to manage and edit content.
  • Allow tracking of linked resources, showing how often each link in each box has been clicked on.
  • Allow for global URL changes, making it possible to change all instances of a resource's URL (if necessary) in one step, instead of one at a time.
  • Encourage concise descriptions.
  • Check automatically for broken links

Comparing Links and Lists Boxes and Simple Web Links Boxes

Simple Web Links Links and Lists
Description limited to 256 characters. Main description limited to 256 characters. Additional information unlimited.
Description appears in pop-up when cursor is moved over link. Main description appears in box under title. Additional information in a pop-up when icon is clicked on.
Can include online sources only. Can include online and non-online sources together.
Works well in narrow left column boxes without lengthening box. Descriptions below title can cause narrow left column boxes to be very long.
No star rating. Lets users rate resources from 1-5 stars.
Automatically puts resources in bulleted list. Automatically puts resources in bulleted list.