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Getting Started with LibGuides (Library Staff Only): 2c. Simple Web Links

A guide for library staff when creating new libguides

About Simple Web Links Boxes

A Simple Web Links box lets you to present online resources with brief descriptions that pop-up when the cursor is moved over the title.

Descriptions are limited to 256 characters.

(See Link Options for the differences between Links and Lists, Simple Web Links, and links in text boxes.)

Adding/Editing Items in a Simple Web Links Box

Adding items to a Simple Web Links box:

  • Click on Add a new Link
  • Fill in the fields in the new link form (see the screenshot below) as follows:
    • Link Title: The name of the resource.
      • Add "(BC Community Only)" if it is a restricted resource.
    • Link URL: The web address of the resource, if it is online
      • Make sure to include the BC proxy prefix for a restricted resource, either by including it with the link URL or by checking off the "Add proxy URL" box (but not both).
      • Leave blank if it is not an online resource.
    • Description (Optional): A description of the resource, no more than 256 characters.
  • Click on Create Link

Editing items in a Simple Web Links box:

  • Log in to the page with the Simple Web Links box you want to edit.
  • Click on the tools icon next to the item you want to edit. This will bring up the link form.
  • Edit whichever field or fields you want to change. (You can also choose to delete the item.)
  • Click on Save Changes.

Reordering items in a Simple Web Links box:

  • Click on Reorder Links at the bottom of the box.
  • Drag and drop the links into the order you want.
  • Click on Update Link Order

Note: Descriptive text about a Simple Web Links box as a whole can be entered at the top of the box.

Checking for Broken Links

If you have used the Links and Lists or Simple Web Links box types, you can use the Link Checker tool to check for broken links.

1. Click on Dashboard

2. Click on Tools and select Link Checker

3. You will see a list of all broken links in your Links and Lists and Simple Web Links boxes.

4. You can filter the list to show just published/private/unpublished guides.

5. Click on a link to check it, click on the guide title to fix the broken link

6. The broken links report is run every weekend so once you've fixed your links it won't update until the next report is run.