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Getting Started with LibGuides (Library Staff Only): Create Surveys

A guide for library staff when creating new libguides


With LibGuides CMS comes access the ability to create surveys!

These can be used for teaching librarians to administer pre- and post-tests for class sessions.

This page explains how to create a new survey and edit survey settings.

See the drop-down tabs for information on:

  1. Adding/Editing/Reordering Survey Questions
  2. Distributing a Completed Survey
  3. Response Data and Statistics


Edit Survey Settings

If you need to edit the properites of a survey (not the questions), Form Properties are on the right hand side of the screen after creating your survey/form or when you need to edit it.

This area allows you to modify the general attributes of your survey/form:

  • Title/Description: Edit the title/description of your form.
  • Visibility: If you only want your survey available for a specific period of time.
  • Email Alerts: Add email addresses here (including your own) for whomever you'd like to receive notifications for this survey, no matter where it's added/embedded.
  • Form Submitter: Change the labels for the Name/Email fields, make them required, or hide them.
  • Submission Behavior: Change the message displayed or add a URL to direct a user to after they submit the survey.
  • Password Protection: Add a password here if you'd like to restrict access to your survey/form.

Creating New Surveys

To create a new survey:

  1. After logging into LibGuides, in the top orange header bar, click "Modules," then "Surveys/Forms."
  2. Click "Click here to create a new survey/form."
  3. When the Create Survey/Form screen appears, choose "start fresh" or "copy existing survey/form."
    • Start fresh: Choose this option to create a survey/form from scratch.
      • Give the survey a title & description and click "Create It."
    • Copy existing: Choose this option to use an existing survey/form as a template for your new survey/form.
      • Choose Copy existing survey/form, choose the survey you want to use as a template, give it a unique title, change the description if you wish, and click "Create It."