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Getting Started with LibGuides (Library Staff Only): Chat Widgets

A guide for library staff when creating new libguides

Adding a Libraryh3lp Widget - how do I get the code?

Libraryh3lp widgets (so far) are more stable about showing you as online than meebo widgets and mean that you can use your libraryh3lp accounts rather than having to set up a meebo account.

Alex will create widgets/queues for those who want them. If you do:

Choose your heading from the following and email Alex:
Need Help?
Chat with

To see an example of the availability indicator for a short header see
To see an example of the availability indicator for a long header see

I will email you the code to paste into your profile.


If you'd like to use the chat widget for the generic librarianchat widget (which goes to all of the services desk/librarians), let me know and I can email it to you.

Adding your Libraryh3lp widget code to your profile page

On your admin page, go to
Customize your profile
Then paste it in the
Chat widget code box
You will need to reload the page for it to show up

2 important things to remember:
chats coming in on this widget will look almost exactly like chats coming from the librarianchat widget. The identity of the patron will look exactly the same: ie.: The only way to tell that the person is chatting directly with you is by looking at the link provided for transfers:
for transfers/etc see:
The part that appears here in bold, after “ is the name of the queue the patron is using. In this case it is Kimberly’s individual queue, kimf-individual.
Why is this important? Because only you will be receiving these chats—if you don’t want to leave people hanging, you’ll need to pay attention to this.

2. If you have changed the title of your profile box on different tabs or pages within libguides, you will need to paste the libraryh3lp widget code on each page/tab’s profile box.

Art & FGSS/GWS Librarian