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Black Intersections Conference 2019: Ignite. Imagine. Invest.

Welcome to the Black Intersections Conference: Ignite. Imagine. Invest.





  Office of Black Student Affairs | History of the Claremont Colleges

Black Intersections website - conference info | session and presentation info

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Conference Planning Committee

Conference Planning Committee:

Lydia Middleton, Dean, Office of Black Student Affairs; conference co-chair
Nick Daily, Assistant Dean, Office of Black Student Affairs; conference assessment and speaker coordinator
Latreace Cox, Administrative and Events Coordinator, Office of Black Student Affairs; Conference administrator
Cleopatre Thelus, doctoral student, Claremont Graduate University; Graduate student manager, OBSA; conference assessment and alumni outreach coordinator
Dr. Maryan Soliman, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, Scripps College; scholarship and faculty outreach coordinator
Tselot Sibhat
, student, Scripps College; conference student co-chair
Victor Ultra Omni, student, Pitzer College; conference student engagement
Rebecca Halpern, Undergraduate Engagement Team Leader, The Claremont Colleges Library; library guide coordinator and archives liaison