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Tech Lending Program: Kano Computer

The Kano Computer

What is the Kano computer?

"The Kano is, on the simplest level, a DIY kit computer. Like the kit computers of 30 years ago, It is an exercise in construction as much as a finished product. It teaches the user how computers are physically constructed, as well as teaching them basic coding and programming skills."

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How do I check out the Kano computer?

The items that are part of the Tech Lending Program are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis at the Services Desk in Honnold/Mudd Library by current Claremont Colleges students, faculty, and staff who have a valid library account.

An optional consultation is available to patrons who wish to receive an orientation on how to use any of the items in the Tech Lending Program. Patrons who wish to have this orientation should email, to set up an appointment.

All items are available for a checkout period of 4 days with no renewals. Items are available for checkout only to students, faculty, and staff of the Claremont Colleges. You can check the current availability of this item through the following link: Kano Computer

Prior to borrowing an item from the Tech Loaning Program for the first time, all users must sign a copy of the 'Claremont Colleges Technology Borrowing Agreement.

Late fines for these items are $1/hour; items are considered lost after 24 hours and users will be charged the full replacement cost at that time.

The complete loan policy is available on the 'Claremont Colleges Technology Borrowing Agreement, which can be found below:

Please visit to review the full loan policy. You will be asked to sign the policy before checking out any items.

What's in the Box!

The following items should be included in the box (many of them are color coded).

Name of Component Color
1.  Kano Computer motherboard contained in a clear plastic case
2. keyboard (wireless/bluetooth) Orange
3. HDMI Cable Yellow
4. Power Plug and Cable (3 pieces) Red
5. USB Dongle Green
6. Case Cards Orange and Clear
7. Micro SD to SD adapter Black
8. Book 1: make a computer Orange
9. Book 2: code powers Grey

You will notice that the box includes two booklets: Make a computer and Code Powers.  Since the Kano computer is already partially assembled, you will not need the first booklet; you can follow the instructions below to complete the assembly.  The second booklet, Code Powers, introduces you to how to write code and the apps that come pre-installed on the Kano computer.

Assembling the Kano computer

When you check out the Kano computer, it will only be partially assembled and you will need to finish putting it together.  To finish the assembly, just follow the steps below.

1. After removing the Kano computer from its box the first thing you will want to do is to connect the speaker to the appropriate data output.  Connect the blue data cable to the round speaker port on the side of the assembly (as shown below).


2. Now it is time to connect the computer to a video source.  Take the yellow HDMI cable and plug one end into the computer's HDMI port (the trapezoidal port located next to the speaker port).

3. Next plug the other end of the HDMI cable into your television's HDMI port.

4. Now it is time to hook-up the computer's wireless.  Simply plug the green dongle into one of the computer's USB ports (be sure to remove the cap first).

5. Next to connect the a keyboard to the Kano computer, turn over the orange keyboard and remove the white adapter by sliding it out of its storage slot.

6. Next take the white adapter and plug it into one of the computer's USB ports.

7. It is now time to supply your computer, first assemble the power adapter by sliding the wall plug into the adapter until it clicks.

8. Next attach the power cable by plugging the USB end of the cable into the power adapter.

9. Finally, you need to plug the other end of the power cable into the kano computer's power input jack (located next to the HDMI jack).

10. You can now plug the power adapter into a wall outlet and your Kano computer should start working.  You will see it starting up on your television's screen.