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Tech Lending Program: Google Glass

Google Glass

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a wearable computer that is structured like a pair of glasses.  It features a small digital "screen" projected onto a prism positioned slightly above the right eye, and a touchpad built into the frame.  Through the combination of touch, kinetic, and voice commands and a timeline-like visual interface, Glass allows users to explore the Internet, capture media, check and send email, and make video calls.  It relies heavily on a data connection, and can access the cloud via Wi-Fi or through a smartphone's data plan (Bluetooth or mobile hotspot).  More complex functionality is obtainable by installing "Glassware," additional applications that serve specific functions much like apps on a smartphone.

-Description take from the article "Ok, library: Implications and opportunities for Google Glass" by Char Booth and Dani Brecher published in the May 2014 issue of College & Research Libraries News.  Image taken from

How do I check out Google Glass?

The items that are part of the Tech Lending Program are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis at the Services Desk in Honnold/Mudd Library by current Claremont Colleges students, faculty, and staff who have a valid library account.

An optional consultation is available to patrons who wish to receive an orientation on how to use any of the items in the Tech Lending Program. Patrons who wish to have this orientation should email, to set up an appointment.

All items are available for a checkout period of 4 days with no renewals. Items are available for checkout only to students, faculty, and staff of the Claremont Colleges. You can check the current availability of this item through the following link: Google Glass

Prior to borrowing an item from the Tech Loaning Program for the first time, all users must sign a copy of the 'Claremont Colleges Technology Borrowing Agreement.

Late fines for these items are $1/hour; items are considered lost after 24 hours and users will be charged the full replacement cost at that time.

The complete loan policy is available on the 'Claremont Colleges Technology Borrowing Agreement, which can be found below:

What's in the Box

The following items should be in the box when you check out Google Glass.

  • Pouch for shades
  • Google Glass
  • Shades
  • Google Glass pouch
  • DC adapter
  • USB charging cable
  • Extra nose pads

Setting up Google Glass

To use Google Glass, you will need to have a Google+ account enabled. To set up an account, visit

To set up Google Glass with your Google+ account, visit Glass is connected to your personal Google+ account, so be sure to reset Glass before returning it to the Library! For directions on how to reset Glass, please see below.

To turn on Glass, press and hold the small round button on the inside of the touchpad (near your right ear). This is how you turn Glass on and off.

Google Glass must be connected to the Internet for full functionality. You may either tether Glass to your mobile device, or connect to a Wi-Fi network that is open or password-protected only (i.e., no username required).

Google Glass is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. You will need to download the MyGlass app from the App Store onto your device.

Resetting Google Glass

Glass is connected to your personal Google+ account, so be sure to reset Glass before returning it to the Library!

  1. Tap the touchpad to turn Glass on.
  2. From the Home screen, swipe backward on the touchpad until you see the Settings bundle.
  3. Tap into the Setting bundle and swipe forward until you see the Device Info card.
  4. Tap again and swipe forward until you see Factory Reset.
  5. Tap the Factory Reset card to confirm the reset.

Instructions from:

All of your personal information will be wiped once you have reset Glass, so be sure to back up any of your photos, videos, or other personal information that you want to keep onto your computer or Google+ before resetting. The Library is not responsible for your personal information, and we unfortunately cannot help retrieve it after the device has been reset.