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This guide provides information on identifying topics, developing search statements, finding and evaluating sources, and using information ethically.

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When to start research

When do you start research for an assignment? Research usually takes more time than you expect. The best time to start is the day the assignment is made. Plan on spending enough time, and research assignments will become an opportunity to explore ideas that are of great interest to you. Begin your research late and these same assignments will be a source of anxiety and frustration.

This guide will help you plan and carry out your research more effectively. As always, when you have questions or would like to talk with a librarian about your research, please ask us.

More help

When you need help on your research project, talk to your professor, stop by the Honnold/Mudd Services Desk, make an appointment to talk with a Reference Librarian, or talk with someone in the Writing Center on your campus. Here are links to Writing Centers at the Claremont Colleges:

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