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POM POLI 008 - Introduction to International Relations - Professor Reiling - Fall 2017

Your Assignment

Welcome! This guide is designed specifically to support you in doing background research for your Introduction to International Relations assignments.

This library session is to introduce you to library resources in general, as well as more specifically for your writing. You have an research assignment described below.

3. A research assignment on a situation of human security or humanitarian intervention, past or present, to analyze the policies and intent of the international community and the effects of those policies on the target population. What are the representations of the conflict and of the people in the conflict through images, media, and policy? What stereotypes or ideologies does this representation enforce about vulnerability and strength? What are the justifications for the policy? Does this policy or intervention fulfill national security goals? This will culminate in a class presentation.
This assignment has three separately graded components: a book review, an annotated bibliography, and a poster presentation. Guidelines will be given in advance.

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