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Digital Tool Shed: Room Reservations

The Digital Tool Shed is an incubator for innovative digital research, teaching, and learning – a space for exploration, practice, engagement, and experiential learning for individuals, groups, and classes.

Reservation Process

All faculty, students, and 7C staff:

To reserve the DTS ahead of time, submit your request to Chris Clarke

If you don't reserve the DTS ahead of time, the tablet outside of the Digital Tool Shed can be used for same-day requests. Your reservation will appear in red on the tablet outside the DTS at the time of your reservation. When you arrive, just tap the red “Check in” button on the lower right corner of the tablet screen so your arrival is confirmed. If you do not tap this button, the system will cancel the reservation 15 minutes after the start time to make the room available in case of a no-show.

Librarians & Library Staff:

You can directly reserve the DTS on a first-come, first-serve basis in EMS.

Room Setup:

If you would like the room set up in a particular way, please do one of the following:

  1. Library staff: submit an operations request ahead of time
  2. Let the students decide! (if you’re feeling brave and want to try a new way to see what teaching/learning formats your students are comfortable with
  3. Arrive a few minutes early to set it up

The tables and chairs move easily, and it only takes a few minutes to reconfigure. Extra chairs are in the storage room attached to the Tool Shed.  Teaching supplies will be added to the storage room for your use as well (white board markers, erasers, pencils, etc.)