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AiA Team

The Claremont Colleges Assessment In Action Team consists of:

Final Report

Results & Conclusions


  • Students in courses with Level 2 (one-shot) Librarian Collaboration scored lower (statistically significantly lower) in all three Information Literacy skill areas than those in Level 3 and 4 courses.
  • No statistically significant difference overall between student’s IL skills in Level 3 vs. Level 4 courses.  Is there a library instruction “sweet spot”?
  • Not enough Level 1 collaboration papers received to make any conclusions about students’ IL skills in those classes.

While it has long been suspected that the one-shot is not as effective as more intensive collaborations on students’ Information Literacy skills in the long-term, this project provides evidence that this is the case.

In short, the more collaborative and scaffolded the instruction, the more effective library instruction appears to be. Based on these results, we recommend  librarians (and faculty) continue (or increase) their efforts to design assignments and work in collaboration as well as strategically involve librarians in the classroom.


Research Question

“What impact (if any) does librarian intervention in first-year courses have on IL performance in student work?”


  • 5 Liberal Arts College First-Year Seminar/ Experience programs > Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, Pomona College, Scripps College (coded in results for anonymity)
  • First-Year Student Papers coded by Level of Librarian Collaboration in Course
  • 521 papers; 17 interrater pairs (Jan-July, 2014)
  • Rubric Evaluation of papers (1 = initial, 2 = emerging, 3 = developed, 4 = high developed)

Modifications to Research Design

  • Originally wanted to code by IL in Syllabus, however, difficult to get all syllabi/course materials to accurately code IL in syllabus. Coding was difficult for this project and did not yield valid results.
  • Norm collaboration levels.
  • Possibly fewer collaboration levels – combining level 3 and 4. Librarians found it difficult to differentiate.
  • What does Level 1 in Librarian Collaboration mean?